Ready for a tour of outer space next weekend? Packing for a space trip isn't as simple as packing your bag for a week at camp. The STEALTH razor would perfectly fit an interior of a spaceship, strict style and straight lines make this razor a favorite one for many astronauts. Are you one of them?

  • Available: 24k Solid Gold or Sterling Silver
  • Mass: ~100g
  • Gem-Setting: with gems
  • Comes with a stylish gift box


The Royal Ambitions razor is compatible with all The Gillette Fusion and ProGlide series cartridges. The Gillette logo and/or razor blades, dispensers, cassettes, and cartridges are trademarks of THE GILLETTE COMPANY LLC, registered in the USA and other countries.


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  • The stated wait time for a model STEALTH runs from immediate delivery to as many as two months, but each customer is informed individually about his or her specific delivery date.