Only the dark lord knows of your weakness. A faceless horror, stretching his arms out of the darkness. A silent scream, that makes you hold your breath. NIGHTMARE comes to us in the deepest dreams, where you have nowhere to run, no way to fight and no chance to survive. Bend before your fears.

  • Available: 24k Solid Gold or Sterling Silver
  • Mass: ~100g
  • Gem-Setting: with gems
  • Comes with a stylish gift box

The Royal Ambitions razor is compatible with all The Gillette Fusion and ProGlide series cartridges. The Gillette logo and/or razor blades, dispensers, cassettes, and cartridges are trademarks of THE GILLETTE COMPANY LLC, registered in the USA and other countries.


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  • The stated wait time for a model NIGHTMARE runs from immediate delivery to as many as two months, but each customer is informed individually about his or her specific delivery date.