We use the most exceptional materials, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold, each carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength. As part of our dedication to creating something truly unique, we also provide a wide range of personalisation options, allowing our customers to fully express their individuality.

The most expensive Royal Ambitions razor was sold to Saudi Arabia sheikh for $10.500.000,00. An investment in art always pays the best interest.

Each Razor is made by one single Royal Ambitions artisan at our small factory in Palm Beach and it takes that person more than 240 working hours to finish the iconic Razor.

With so many worldwide celebrities supporting the RA brand, it makes us more coveted. The Royal Ambitions razor is as elusive as it is exclusive, in both price and availability. Of course, this exclusivity is likely what keeps the RA razor at the top of every single list. It is impossible, for instance, for you to walk into an store and simply buy one –– even if you could afford to shell out the minimum price of $5,500. To get a Royal Ambitions razor, you must be on an elite list.

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